What the hell is an algorithm?

The internet has become an extension of our brain’s capacity, an artificial digital prosthetic that expands our biological capability to transcend our natural limitations. We rely heavily on the internet in order to quickly and easily access all the information we could possibly need, but rarely do we ask ourselves…

Illustrative flowchart of our recursive function

Our main function isn’t happy until our y value equals 0. To evaluate this condition it runs through a series of if statements that, if triggered, will modify the value of y, adding or subtracting accordingly. Our function is called over and over again until it is satisfied. Eventually our function calls itself again a last time, having reached the final value of x = 0 and y = 0, it can finally rest.

Assuming you’re already somewhat familiar with the Python programming language I’m sure you’ve heard it referred to as “object-oriented”, today we will be taking a deep dive into what exactly that means. To simplify let’s break it down into a series of topics: what even is an “object”? What are…

What are they?

A list of shells

The short answer to “what happens if you type ‘ls -l *.c’ in a shell?” is it prints out a list in long format of every file that ends in a .c extension. But we’re not here for the short answer, let’s get the -l answer. …

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What happens when you type gcc main.c?


GCC, short for GNU compiler collection, is a compilation program that takes your high-level (human language) code and translates it into low-level machine code (binary). It consists primarily of 4 individual modules:

  • Preprocessor — removes any comments and translates macros (if any) into code
  • Compiler — translates the code into…

So you’ve hacked your way around a terminal, neat. You’re probably familiar with basic commands like mkdir, cd, rm, and ls, but have you ever wondered what exactly makes them work the way they do? If the answer is yes you’ve come to the right blog! …

To understand the difference between a hard link and a soft link we have to first understand what they have in common. In crude terms, they are both ways of connecting you to a file. The difference is how they do this.

Let’s start with hard links. A hard link…

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